Jesus presented Himself alive by many convincing proofs. – Acts 1:3

The Greatest Sermon of All Time: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Many people throughout history, including many non-Christians, have regarded Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as the greatest sermon of all time. I preached a message on this remarkable sermon at Heritage Bible Church in 2020. I encourage you to watch or read my message and consider how you should respond to the greatest sermon of all time.

Introduction to Apologetics Course

Apologetics, in short, is giving good reasons and evidence to believe that Christianity is true. Apologetics focuses on some big questions about the truth of Christianity such as Does God exist? Who was Jesus? Is the Bible historically reliable? These lectures can help prepare you to address these questions in a Biblical manner, giving a “defense for the hope that you have” in Christ “with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

Would You or Your Church Like to Host an Apologetics Conference?

I have a passion to help equip ministries and churches to share the Gospel and, like Jesus and the apostles, give good reasons and evidence to believe the gospel is true! I’ve developed a weekend apologetics conference which aims to bolster the faith of Christians, inspire them to share the gospel with others, and give them the resources they need to do so with confidence.