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How the Bible Celebrates Sex

What is morally right and wrong when it comes to sex? Apart from considering Christianity or the Bible, we can establish that sex is morally good inside marriage (one man and one woman) and morally bad outside marriage. Consequences, how an action affects human flourishing, can help us know what is morally good or bad. We know that individuals as well as societies flourish when sex is kept inside marriage, but sex outside of marriage can result in emotional, relational, physical, and financial suffering, as personal experiences and sociological evidence can attest. How has our culture come to believe that sex outside of marriage is not morally wrong, that if we desire something then we should do it? It has to do with the history of Western culture from the modern to postmodern eras. Modernism hit a dead end by concluding that life had no ultimate meaning, and postmodernism reacted to this by claiming that meaning comes from within each individual. Postmodern ideas have told us that we should “follow our heart” and indulge all our inner desires. But sometimes our desires can be bad, and it is morally good to control and discipline our desires, including our sexual ones. Christianity gives us more understanding of why this is true. In Christianity, something is only good if it resembles the true love of God in the Trinity. Thus, the Bible celebrates sexual desires if they resemble the love of God and conform to His purposes. What is the evidence that the Bible celebrates sex as God designed it? Song of Songs gives us a beautiful picture of romantic, sexual love within a marriage.